8 Morning Routine Habits That Will Change Your Life

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Let’s be honest, mornings can be hard, and sometimes we just don’t want to get out of bed. Sometimes we feel like we’re trudging through cement in the morning just trying to get our thoughts together. And it may seem like there are these magical morning people that wake up at the brink of dawn ready to take on the world naturally. The truth is though, they probably have a morning routine and habits that help make their mornings so great, and it probably didn’t come quite as naturally as you may think.

So what are these morning routine habits that actually make mornings enjoyable and productive?

Drink Water First Thing In the Morning

You wake up, eyes barely cracked open, and the first thing on your mind is coffee. Trust me, I’ve been there. But, before you reach for your coffee mug, you should consider having a glass of water. Chances are you haven’t had anything hydrating for 8 or more hours while you’ve been asleep, and coffee actually dehydrates you.

Make Your Bed Right Away

There are two reasons I feel this is important to your morning routine. The first is that it declutters your room which helps reduce distraction and anxiety. The second reason is it helps eliminate the temptation to crawl back into bed after you’ve gotten up. We’ve all been there before.

Avoid Looking At Your Phone

You’ve just woken up and the itch to check your phone and see what you’ve missed overnight is strong. That’s understandable, and you’re not alone! This article suggests that at least 80% of people check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. However, the article also brings out the negative effects of doing so.

  1. You’re setting yourself up to be overwhelmed and stressed. Our phones are filled with stimulating information, and often in a negative way. Work messages, distressing news articles, bills- these are all things you don’t need on your mind first thing in the morning.
  2. The mass amount of information we receive on our phones can effect our brain the entire day and make it difficult for us to be productive.
  3. Phones are a distraction that can burn a lot of time in the mornings, leaving us unnecessarily rushed and stressed.
Stretch as part of morning routine

Add Stretching to Your Morning Routine

Working out is not exactly my cup of tea, especially in the mornings, and that’s okay! But, adding a quick stretch regimen like this one to your morning routine will help relieve those aches, pains, and stiffness from sleeping all night. It will also get your blood moving and help you wake up and feel more alert and refreshed.

Journal For a Few Minutes Each Morning

Earlier we talked about how our phones can overstimulate our brains with to much information. The truth is, sometimes we wake up in the mornings with our mind racing even if we do everything right in our morning routine. The good news is that journaling can help with that! Sit down for a few minutes and journal to help organize your thoughts. This is also a good opportunity to write your to do list and prioritize tasks for your day.

Listen To Music

Listening to some of your favorite music in the morning can be a great mood booster and motivator. Personally, I love the Morning Coffee playlist on Spotify in the mornings while I am making and eating breakfast and getting ready for the day.

Enjoy Your Favorite Morning Beverage

Okay, you’ve had your water and you are nice and hydrated. Now it’s time to enjoy your favorite morning beverage. I love a cup of hazelnut coffee or a chai tea latte, and sometimes if I am feeling like I want something really mild and calming I will enjoy a cup of green tea with a drizzle of honey.

Make It A Morning Routine Habit To Have a Healthy Breakfast

It is easy to waste time in the morning and end up running out of time to make a good and healthy breakfast. Sometimes we may even skip breakfast. But having a delicious and healthy meal in the mornings is so satisfying, and it is going to help power you through the day.

If you are someone who just doesn’t have a lot of time in the mornings, that’s okay! You can still enjoy a tasty and healthy breakfast. Try a recipe you can prepare the night before such as this berry chia pudding recipe or these overnight oats!

Prepare For Your Morning Routine the Night Before

List of things to improve morning routine

Speaking of preparing breakfast the night before, there are other things you can prepare ahead of time to make your morning routine better!

Your Morning Routine is Yours

Although these suggestions are beneficial and can help improve your morning routine, what works for one person doesn’t work for everyone. The best morning routine is going to be the one that works for you!

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