How To Digitally Declutter Your Life

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Why Is It Important to Digitally Declutter?

We all have decluttered our homes or physical work spaces before. But why is it important to also digitally declutter our phones, computers, and other devices? Well, we are using our phones and computers more than ever before. For many people, their devices are even a part of their workspace. So, it is really important to digitally declutter those spaces, so we can be as productive as possible and reduce distraction as well as stress.

In this post I will teach you how to declutter your phone, computer, and any other devices you may have, so keep reading!

How to Digitally Declutter Your Phone

Let’s start off with digitally decluttering the device we probably use most in our lives-our phones. Our phones are filled with information and it can easily become cluttered and disorganized. Here are a few steps to help successfully digitally declutter your phone.

  1. Delete unnecessary and unused apps from your phone. My rule of thumb is if I haven’t used the app within the last month then I probably don’t need it. Of course there are exceptions to this but generally it’s a good marker for whether you really need an app or not.
  2. Remove uncommonly used apps from your home screen. I like to have only one page of apps that consists of the most important apps that I use daily. Any other apps can quickly be searched for when I need them.
  3. Digitally declutter your social media accounts. Take some time to go through all your social media accounts and delete people you don’t want following you and unfollow any accounts you don’t want to see anymore.
  4. Go through your photos. We all probably have photos on our phone that we don’t even remember taking. A great way to digitally declutter is by sorting through our photos and deleting ones we don’t need. You can also organize your photos even further by putting them into digital albums.
  5. Tackle your email. This is by far the most overwhelming digitally declutter step for me. But it’s important! Take some time to delete unwanted emails, and unsubscribe from emails you don’t want to continue receiving.
  6. Digitally declutter your music and playlists. Organize your music into playlists and delete songs you no longer want.
  7. Sort through your text messages and voicemails. We all have texts in our phone that are just random verification codes, or spam voicemails. Digitally declutter your phone by deleting any unwanted text conversations and voicemails.
  8. Clear cache and history. Our web browsers store lots of information, so every once in a while its good to clear out the saved cache and history.
  9. Delete unwanted notes. This is pretty self explanatory, and yet I still somehow find grocery lists from 2019 in my notes. I probably don’t need that note anymore. It is a good idea to sort through any notes apps you have from time to time and delete old notes.
  10. Review and adjust your notification settings. I don’t know about you, but I hate getting pointless notifications on my phone so I have most notification settings turned off and I find this reduces distraction a lot. I definitely recommend doing this to digitally declutter your phone!

Digitally Declutter Your Computer

Another great place to digitally declutter is our computers, especially since this is probably where we do some if not all of our work. Follow these steps to declutter your computer!

  1. Organize your desktop home screen. Instead of having scattered icons all across your screen, only have the important every day icons on your home screen and organize them into relevant sections.
  2. Have a simple background. I find that having a really busy background is distracting and makes it difficult to read things on your home screen. Choose a simple background that you enjoy!
  3. Sort through photos. Similarly to your phone, you probably have a collection of photos on your computer. Take some time to delete photos you don’t want and organize the photos you do want into files.
  4. Sort through documents and downloads. This can be a big step to tackle but it’s an important step to digitally declutter your computer. Sort through any documents you’ve created and delete ones you don’t want while filing ones you do want to keep. Do the same for any downloads you have.
  5. Make sure all files and folders have clear names. It is hard to know where to organize and put things if you don’t know what they are, so make sure everything is clearly labeled.
  6. Use a PC cleaner such as Clean My PC. This can speed up and simplify the process of your digital declutter and find things you might not find manually searching through everything!

Keep Up With Digitally Decluttering Your Life

Once you’ve completed these steps it will be a lot easier to keep up with! Just repeat these steps every so often. Some things you can keep up with every day, such as deleting junk emails and text messages.

Now you can enjoy your digitally decluttered life! Thank you so much for reading. If you enjoyed, please share this post on Pinterest and your other social media and subscribe for more posts from me!

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  1. jenyscloset

    I seriously need to de clutter my phone. So many important things you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!! Have a great day..

  2. Kara

    These are great tips!!! I love to digitally declutter every once in a while. It’s so cathartic and I feel more organized.

    1. bailey_mcgraw123

      Thank you! And I definitely agree!

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