How To Generate Blog Post Ideas Easily and Quickly

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Blog Post Idea Burn Out

I don’t know about you, but I can find it very difficult to come up with blog post ideas sometimes. Similar to writers block, sometimes our brains just don’t know what to write about. It can be frustrating when you know you want and need to create a new blog post, but you just don’t have any ideas.

So how can you get over that hump and generate great content ideas? In this post I will go over the methods I find helpful to get great blog post ideas, and I hope that they will help you too.

Know Your Niche

My first tip is to know your niche, or few niche’s that you cover on your blog so that you aren’t scrambling to come up with blog topics all across the board. This will also make it a lot easier for you to research blog post ideas. You can’t really do the research if you don’t even know what you’re researching for!

Utilize Pinterest and Pinterest Trends

You’re probably using Pinterest to promote your blog content, but Pinterest is also a great resource to generate ideas that are popular and trending. I do this a couple ways. The first way is by typing in the search bar a topic I focus on blogging about. Underneath, it will bring up some related topics.

Here is an example. I blog about wedding planning . When I search wedding planning in Pinterest some subtopics come up. You can see below that checklist, timeline, tips, guide, and pintables are all topics that pop up as search results-and really they could all be made into their own blog content.

For example you could write a blog post about wedding planning to-do’s and create a checklist. You could create another blog post that breaks down different wedding planning timelines (or do multiple posts, one for each length of time)! Another blog post idea you can gather from this research is wedding planning tips that you have discovered.

There are so many great content ideas right here in this quick search that takes less than 30 seconds!

Tip: Take 15-20 minutes when you don’t have any blog post ideas and do a search like this with all the topics/niches you cover. Then write down any key words and subtopics that jump out at you. Any blog post idea that comes to mind, write it down immediately. This is what I like to call blog post brainstorming. You will be surprised with how big of a blog post idea list you end up with!

You can get an even broader range of subtopic results if you just type in wedding!

Another fantastic Pinterest tool to help you generate blog post ideas is Pinterest trends. You will need a business Pinterest account if you don’t already have one to use this tool. To find Pinterest trends you will hover over Analytics in your Pinterest business hub. Then a drop down menu will appear and the last option will say Trends. It will look something like this.

Pinterest trends is an extremely useful tool. You can search topics and see the statistics about trends in their search volume and popularity, and it also suggests related topics and shows statistics on them as well. This is a great way to gather ideas and know what ideas are popular and being searched for.

Pinterest Trends also shows you topics that are currently trending, as well as boards and pins. Now of course you don’t want to steal other peoples content, but having an idea of what other bloggers and content creators in your niche are talking about, and what is doing well will help you generate blog post ideas. Not only that, it will help you write content that is actively being searched for.

Learn From Other Bloggers

Again, I can’t emphasize enough that stealing content from other bloggers is not cool and very unacceptable. But the truth is that in any profession we learn from others, and that is a good thing!

There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from bloggers content that you like to read, and generating you own unique content.

Another benefit to this is that it is likely you read content in the same genres you write about because that is what interests you. So this content is something you’ll be passionate about writing. And your target audience will be passionate about reading it too!

Create Multiple Blog Posts From One Idea

Don’t let an idea that could be turned into multiple pieces of content be only one piece. What do I mean by this?

I am talking about what is called a divisible content strategy. If you want to read a more in depth article about what this is I really enjoyed this one. I will give you a quick breakdown though. A divisible content strategy is breaking down a piece of cornerstone content into multiple other pieces of content.

Going back to the example of wedding planning, I could write an article about how to plan a wedding and just leave it at that. However, that is such a broad topic and there are so many other blog posts that could come from that such as wedding planning timeline, wedding registry guide, creating a wedding budget, wedding theme ideas, wedding decor ideas, etc.

Not only can blog posts come from this, but there are also multiple pins and social media posts that can be created, as well as checklists and planners that I can offer as freebies or even sell! The point of this strategy is really to get the absolute most out of your content ideas and turn them into even more amazing blog post ideas!

Have A Blog Post Ideas List On Your Phone

We almost always have our phones on us and you never know when a great blog post idea is going to pop into your head. I have a very simple list in the notes app on my phone where I just jot down any ideas the moment they come to mind. This way you won’t forget them and they will be there for you to look at when you’re ready to actually act on the ideas later on!

Ask Your Readers

Who better to get blog post ideas from the your blog readers? If you’ve hit a roadblock it might not be a bad idea to ask your readers what content they would be interested in seeing!

Use Google As A Tool To Generate Blog Post Ideas

Just like with Pinterest you can google topics you blog about and see the search results that appear which can help spark ideas. You can even google blog post ideas if you’re stuck!

Keep On Blogging

We all get stuck sometimes, but I hope these tips on how to come up with blog post ideas helps you, and gets you out of the writers block rut. If you enjoyed the post please share, and if you would like to read more be sure to join the email list so you don’t miss new posts!

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  1. Jeannie

    so many great tips here especially when writers block happens.

  2. Cristiana

    It’s really hard when our minds go blank and we have no idea what to write about. You have shared great tips, especially the one about Pinterest. I’m going to do that next time I feel stuck.

    1. bailey_mcgraw123

      It happens to all of us, I am glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. Aydela

    These ideas are really helpful. I’ll check out the pinterest idea!

    1. bailey_mcgraw123

      Thank you for reading, I am glad you found these tips helpful!

  4. Deanna | Life By Deanna

    Great ideas! I love using Pinterest to generate ideas 🙂

    1. bailey_mcgraw123

      It is such a helpful resource! Thanks for reading 🙂

  5. Jelissa

    Super great tips! I really need to work on maximizing my content.

  6. Giangi Townsend

    Thank you for the all your suggestions. I have two blogs: Cooking one and a lifestyle one. I am always at loss to what to write on the lifestyle one. Your suggestions will sure come on handy. Thank you.

    1. bailey_mcgraw123

      Thank you, I am glad you found the tips helpful!!

  7. Dana | The artist planner co.

    What I love about this post is the Pinterest idea. I have certainly done that for my blog before. I even keep a secret board where I save all manor of things I think will be useful and inspirational later for my blog. I feel like I have more secret boards than public ones at this point actually!

    1. Dana | the artist planner co.

      *manner! Oops! How embarrassing to have a typo – gosh!

    2. bailey_mcgraw123

      Haha I completely understand that, Pinterest is such a useful tool!

  8. Jimmy Clare

    i use an ai generator

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